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Autumn Mist by Catherine Wilson is haunting, mesmerizing, and mysterious.  


The 5/4 time signature and ostinato pattern in the left hand helps to create an air of uncertainty, while the right hand flurries of notes mimic the wind blowing leaves from the trees. The middle section changes to 6/8 and the right hand melody becomes more lyrical before the end section mirrors the first section until the mist clears at the end with a beautiful Tierce de Picardie.


Instrument: Piano Solo


Approximate difficulty level: Grade 6 - 7 / Advanced Intermediate


Key: E minor and A minor


Time signature: 5/4 and 6/8


Features: Flowing pianistic left hand ostinato-style patterns, semiquaver / sixteenth note flurries, time signature change


Focus: Finger dexterity, balance between hands, atmospheric playing

Autumn Mist

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