Term Dates and Fees

We are extending our half term to coincide with when the majority of schools break up - Thursday 22nd July

If you are unable to have the two extra lessons, please let us know. 

Our next term starts Monday 6th September.

Summer Lessons

I will be offering three weeks of lessons in August:

- Monday 9th , Tuesday 10th , Wednesday 11th 
- Monday 16th, Tuesday 17th, Wednesday 18th, 
- Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th, Wednesday 25th 

As always, I will be offering students* the chance to take part in some quirky music projects: 

- If you book 1 lesson you can take part in Song Revamp, where we will take a well-known song (or songs) and change them up to create a new masterpiece

- If you book 2 lessons, you can take part in Space Treasure Hunt (complete with prize),

where students will learn a new piece that will hold all the answers to help them find their treasure chest. 

These music projects will be started a couple of lessons before the summer, and then continued in the holidays. 

*These music projects are not available for beginners - they will be given a different project for summer lessons

Summer lessons are offered in time sessions - please select a time session you would like your 30 minute lesson to be in and I will contact you with a suggested time. 

If there is a specific time you would like, please indicate in 'other'

To fill in the form, click here.

Lesson Format Form

As the country slowly returns to 'normal' we wanted to reach out and find out our students' opinions on returning to face to face lessons. 

We know many of you have seen the benefits of online lessons (no travelling and waiting around!) and we're more than happy to keep online lessons going, with the possibility of running them alongside face to face lessons. 

Please fill in the form so we can gather everyone's thoughts and preferences as we move forwards.

To fill in the form, click here