Term Dates and Fees

Second half term starts Monday 1st November 

and ends for Christmas Friday 17th December


The fees for the second half term take into consideration my week of missed lessons last half term, and my two missed Wednesdays.

Thank you all for your understanding - I really hate cancelling lessons, but some things can't be helped!

For students who have already paid up to Christmas, I'll be in touch.

Winter Trekking
Piano Note



30 Minute Lessons

45 Minute Lesssons


Wednesday Students
(With the two Wednesdays I missed last half term taken off)

30 Minute Lessons


45 Minute Lesssons

Second Half Term
(1/11/21 - 17/12/21)

Online Lessons(November and December 2021)

With the rising number of cases, we're still feeling hesitant to welcome students back to face to face lessons this half term.

Due to the success of online lessons, our studio has grown in number over the past few months, and we would now be seeing around 70 people coming and going into our family home each week, which is something that still doesn't feel quite right. 

We thank you for your ongoing understanding, and hope that you can also see the benefits of online lessons, and how our students are still progressing brilliantly!

Fingers crossed for next year!

Online Lessons Success

We've found many benefits of online lessons, and we thought we'd share a few with you:

 - Students are independent learners
As they can't rely on us for things like pointing where they are on the music, or writing things down for them, students have taken on more musical responsibilities, which has in turn benefited their progression both in lessons and in their independent practice.

Improved levels of focus
As students are in their own environments, there's nothing new and different around them to distract them, so their focus is on the task at hand. 

- Convenient and time-saving

Through this past year, several students have moved away from the area or have been to visit friends and family. Either by taking a keyboard with them, or using a piano where they're staying, these students have been able to continue their lessons with no interruptions to their musical progresson. 

Many students and their families have also commented on how useful it is to not have to drive to lessons and factor in journey time to their busy schedules. There's also no waiting around in cars with fidgety siblings!

- Just as productive as face to face lessons 

Some people were doubtful that they would learn as much in online lessons as they did in face to face lessons, but we've seen the absolute opposite with many students, with certain students' musical knowledge and abilities coming on leaps and bounds in the past year.

Whether it's to do with being comfortable in their home environment, or enjoying the independence they have with their learning, we've seen many students flourish and achieve things they never thought possible. 

Our first student to take a digital grade exam was awarded a Merit for Grade 5, proving that online learning can be just as successful as face to face! 

Christmas with  Greenside Music

Christmas with  Greenside Music

Preparations for our Musical Advent Calendar are well underway, and we've even had our first videos sent in already! 


We're also very excited for our We Wish You A Merry Christmas Project, as it will see (nearly) all of our students learning and videoing a small section of We Wish You A Merry Christmas. They will then send their performance to us to edit together for an epic video of Greenside Musicians wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! 


If you or your child are involved in our Musical Advent Calendar, or our We Wish You A Merry Christmas Project, please keep up the practice to ensure everyone's pieces will be video ready in time for December!