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Monster Behind the Door by Catherine Wilson is mysterious, intriguing with a quirky feel.  


The use of semitones / half-steps helps create an eerie quality that is reinforced by the use of tritones in the riff-like left hand.  The final major chord makes us wonder whether there was ever actually a monster behind the door!


Instrument: Piano Solo


Approximate difficulty level: Grade 2 - 3 / Early Intermediate


Key: Tonal centre of C, uses the notes C, D, Eb, F#, G over different octaves


Time signature: 4/4


Features: Intervals of semitones / half-steps, minor 3rds and tritones, left hand ostinato-style riff, hand crossing


Focus: To explore unusual tonality, build confidence lifting hands away from the keys, maintain a regular pulse

Monster Behind the Door

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