Piano Lessons at

Greenside Music

Piano Lessons with Greenside Music are currently online

and are taught by Catherine & Georgina Wilson. 

At Greenside Music, we believe that the gift of music should be shared with everyone. We strive to make our lessons both fun and informative whilst in a relaxed and caring environment, in order to encourage our students to have a lifelong enjoyment of music.  

We teach beginners to Grade 8+, and ages from 6 - 60+.

Lessons are 30 minutes, at £15.

We ask for payment either termly, or half-termly.

For more information, email greensidemusic@gmail.com or phone 01939 262872


Learn For Pleasure

If a student decides they want to learn simply for pleasure, there are many other goals they can strive to achieve, and music projects they can be involved with.

Many students enjoy setting an aim to learn a certain piece or song. They can then video the piece, when they're ready, for a lasting record of their achievement, and upload it to their online scrapbook. 

Sophie passed Grade 8 with merit.jpg



Students at Greenside Music can choose if they want to learn simply for pleasure, or if they would like to work towards taking Trinity College London Piano Grade exams. There's no pressure from the teachers - if you're happy, we're happy!


We encourage students to learn a variety of genres for exam pieces, in order to broaden their repertoire.