Catherine Wilson

Catherine has over 25 years of experience as a freelance piano, theory, composition, and music teacher, and has worked privately, as well as in a number of primary and secondary schools. 

Catherine’s musical education:

GCSE Music, A Level Practical Music and A Level Theoretical Music, Theory of Music Grade 8, Piano Grade 8, BMus (hons), MA (specialising in Composition and Contemporary Music).

As a composer, Catherine is particularly interested in composing music for educational purposes, and has written music for a variety of instrumental combinations from beginner to grade 8+. Her pieces have been played on music courses, in workshops, and for GCSE and A Level exams.

To showcase our passion for music, we love creating fun and quirky videos of pieces and songs we love! 

We have a large variety of instruments at Greenside Music and love using them whenever we get the opportunity - see how many you can spot in our  videos!


Georgina Wilson

Georgina has 10 years experience teaching, especially young beginners, and enjoys incorporating fun games and activities into her lessons. 

Georgina’s musical education:

GCSE Music, A Level Music, Theory of Music Grade 5, Piano Grade 8.


Georgina has created a large collection of games and activities for her young students to use in their piano lessons and at home, to enable them to practice and revise key ideas and concepts in fun ways which are easy to understand.