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We're always looking for ways to share our love of music with other people, and one way we do that is by sharing our resources with other teachers. Georgina loves creating music games, worksheets, activities and challenges for her younger students as they improve the musical knowledge of her students.

There's even been times when parents have commented the music teachers at school have been impressed with the child's music abilities, and how playing the games really helps the information sink in in fun and quirky ways! We've been selling Georgina's games successfully on our website for a few years now but we've now found another place: This is a marketplace purely for music teachers to share their resources, from sheet music to games, books, clothing, accessories ... Musical things made by music teachers for music teachers! It's a fab site because you can add all sorts to your basket at the same time. Found some sheet music you want to buy, but also in the market for some lesson plans? It's all there in one place to make it easier for everyone! No need to spend loads of time shopping around lots of different sites and run the risk of forgetting where you found all the different things you'd love to get. Like an online shopping centre, everything is there under one virtual roof. I really recommend checking it out, it's a brilliant source and it's added to all the time with new sellers (like Georgina) popping up with their innovative resources to help make teaching easier and more enjoyable.