Greenside Community

Learning the piano at Greenside Music is more than just a weekly 30 minute lesson.

It's an experience.

It's taking part in innovative projects (like our most recent "Wake Me Up" project). It's participating in concerts (we currently have an on-going Home Concert with 59 videos, more videos being added all the time). It's creating an online scrapbook page to track your progression.

It's being part of a community.

With online lessons students don't see each other, so the community feeling has been slightly lost. We're going to get it back. How? With our Greenside Music Virtual Community.

Before we explain, we need to introduce you to something else new and exciting: The Greenside Music App. Okay, so it's not an official app, but it works the same! Follow the steps below for your device to get the 'app' up and running. (Send us a message if you have any issues and we'll do our best to help you out!)

Now you have Greenside Music on your homepage, we can get stuck into the Greenside Music Virtual Community. In the top right hand corner under the shopping bag (we sell digital music games and sheet music to teachers worldwide) there's an option to Log In. Tap that.

You're new to this part of the site, so you now need to sign up. All you need is an email (We're hoping students that are too young to have their own email will be able to use a parent's email).

When you've signed up, your membership will be sent to us to approve. We'll only approve names we recognise because we want to keep it our close-knit community, so there's no risk of unknown people getting involved.

Once you've been approved, you're good to go! You can add a profile photo so we all know who you are (but it doesn't have to be a photo of you if you don't want it to be!) and you can write a little bio so people can learn a bit about you.

We then encourage you to post photos or videos of ... Well, anything you think the Greenside Music Virtual Community would be interested in! For example ...

  • Is your cat or dog sitting on or near the piano? Show us - we all love cute animals and pianos!

  • Are you excited to start a new piece? Show us - we'll be excited with you!

  • Has a new video of you been added to the Home Concert and your scrapbook page? Let us know so we can all watch it and be in awe of your talent! (YouTube settings means comments on our channel are disabled, and not everyone uses Facebook, so this is the best way to send and receive positive comments about performances!)

We're not just limited to piano talk either. We know all our students get up to other exciting things, and we'd all love to hear about it!

For example...

  • Have you created something for school you're proud of? Show us - we'll be proud of it too!

  • Have you baked a really yummy cake? Show us - we'll give you a virtual Hollywood handshake!

  • Have you constructed something amazing out of Lego? Show us - we'll be amazed! (There's a lot of Lego fans in our community!)

  • Have you started up a new hobby that you're really enjoying? Show us - we'll all be interested in whatever you're up to!

Greenside Music Virtual Community isn't something you have to take part of, but we know many of you are missing the social aspect of piano lessons (and the groups) so we created this for you!

And remember, don't be shy when it comes to posting and commenting! Students at Greenside Music are like-minded and lovely people who are full of support, encouragement, and enthusiasm! (But if anything is posted that we don't think is quite right, we'll notify the person who posted it and remove it)