Introducing the Next Generation of Film Makers

I (Georgina) always liketo do something a bit different during summer lessons, and this year the project was Stop Motion Lego Videos! (Any excuse to use Lego!)

Students completed their videos over three lessons:


We discussed how you can convey different emotions in music and experienced with playing them. A favourite among the students seemed to be 'anger' - "I think that would be low down, loud, and stompy!" They then picked three emotions they wanted to include in their video, and decided how they would play them. Then, using the selection I had out on the table, they chose their Lego setting, characters, and props and decided on the story that included the three emotions.

SECOND LESSON Filming week! Students learnt the importance of moving the Lego characters ever so slightly for each move to make it look as though they were really moving, and learnt about the temperament of actors - "She just won't hold her hot dog! But she will hold the pizza, but I don't want her to hold the pizza, I want her to hold the hot dog! I should have used someone different who would do what I wanted!" They also appreciated the difficulties in continuity - "He was wearing on the skateboard but now he's on the bike. That makes no sense. Let me do that again!" We also added speech and decided on a title.


This was the week they became film composers, as they watched the film and decided on the music, depending on the mood and emotion of the scene - "She's happy, so I'll play the happy tune, but then she's a bit confused so I'll play the weird sounding chord and hold it, and then the evil guy is there so I'll play the angry music."

Some students also chose to add sound effects that were included in the app, and others even recorded their own voice overs!

I think everyone had a really fun time, and will hopefully remember the summer of 2018 as the year they became film makers at Greenside Music!

This video is by Caitlyn, and tells the tale of a girl and her hot dog. The girl goes through many emotions - she's happy she has a hot dog, then sad when it gets captured by the fly trap man, then happy when she thinks her friend is helping, but then sad again when the hot dog disappears ...

This is Tilly's creation, featuring the dramatic story of the Ninja Cat. Ninja Cat required lots of dramatic and tense music, but then happy celebratory music for the royal party (that obviously includes pizza!)

Lyra not only added music to her video, but also recorded her own sound effects to bring her story about mischievous dogs and a sandwich to life! The different characters were given different voices to really bring out their personalities!

Jess wanted to incorporate happy, sad, and angry music into her video, which led to her creating a story about a princess being kidnapped but being saved by the unicorns! There's action, comedy, and even a love interest - everything you need for a Hollywood blockbuster!

These aren't all the videos - we'd be here all day if I shared all of them!

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