Be the first person to lose all your cards and shout 'Bam!' 

- 'Bam!' board game
- Piano note cards
- Treble Clef note recognition cards
- Bass Clef note recognition cards 

How to Play:
- Each player is given three note cards (you can use all three categories, or just one, depending on the level of the student) 
- Using a dice (or note value music question cards) players move around the board. 
If you land on a letter that matches a note card you have in your hand, you can Bam! away the card. If you land on a letter that does not match any note cards you have, you must pick up another card and add it to your hand. 
If you land on a 'Bam!' or 'Pow!' space, you can choose any card to Bam! away. 
- The winner is either:
The person who loses all their note cards first, or the person with the fewest cards when someone reaches the 'End' space. 


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