Race to the end by answering musical questions, by don't go too dotty!

- 'Going Dotty' game board (option to print a mutli-coloured version, or a black and white version)
- 5 categories of musical questions (treble clef note recognition, bass clef note recognition, piano notes, note values, symbols) (again, option to print multi-coloured question cards or black and white question cards) 

How to Play:
- The first player chooses a question card, answers it, and moves forward the number of spaces indicated on the card. If they land on a space with a plus sign and a number, they move forwards the number. If they land on a space with a minus sign and a number, they move backwards the number. If they land on a space with an arrow, they move in the direction of the arrow. 
- There are various different ways you can go - which is the fastest?! 
- If you've printed the multi-coloured version, you can co-ordinate the coloured question cards to the spaces on the board (for example, every time you land on a red space you answer a red question card). 
- The first person to get to the end, wins!

If you're feeling particularly creative (or you're needing some quiet down time), you can colour in the black and white game board yourself! 

Going Dotty

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