A musical take on an old favourite.

- Print off the two sheets to make up the board and stick them together (might sound a little tricky, but trust me, it's pretty self-explanatory!) 
- Print off the note recognition cards
I suggest printing everything on card, or laminating them so that they're stronger and last longer.
- Cut out the individual cards and shuffle them (unless you just want to test on a certain area - piano notes, treble clef, bass clef, in which case keep the groups in the categories) 

How to Play:
- Students place their playing pieces on 'Start'. 
- Youngest student goes first. They pick up the first note recognition card, identify the note, and move to the nearest space with the matching letter. 
- If a player lands on a snake's head, they must slide down to the bottom of the snake. If they land on a ladder, they climb up to the top! 
- Play continues until a player reaches the end, and is therefore the winner!

Music Snakes and Ladders

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