"Mystery at Fairfax Lodge" is a fun and engaging musical escape room that will challenge students' musical knowledge and observational skills in thought-provoking and unique ways.


I created "Mystery at Fairfax Lodge" for my students to have something fun and a bit different to do as they transitioned to online piano lessons. We completed one puzzle (room) per lesson and their musical knowledge was tested in various ways, while they were having fun being detectives.


Who Is It For?
"Mystery at Fairfax Lodge" has been tested, completed, and enjoyed by students ranging in age from 5 to 50+, and ranging in ability from beginner to grade 5+.

The puzzles were designed for my younger students who have a basic knowledge of music theory, but students who have a vast musical knowledge have found the challenges exciting and intriguing, with lots of "Ah ha!" moments making them feel good about themselves. With the younger students I was able to guide them through it and give them any hints they needed (for both the puzzles and the musical knowledge) but with the older students I was just able to sit back and watch them figure it all out themselves (with just a few, "I'd double check that if I were you!")

Musical Elements
Puzzle One: Basic theory, including terminology, note names, and note values
Puzzle Two: Sight reading an 8 bar piece (with separate hands) that features hand position changes
Puzzle Three: Listening to notes being played and filling in the notes missing on the music
Puzzle Four: Matching rhythms to words
Puzzle Five: Music maths
Puzzle Six: Playing and identifying a famous piece of music


What Do I Get?
The download contains:

- A printable version of the mystery (8 pages featuring the introduction, 6 puzzles, and the ending).
I've included both an American terminology version and an English terminology version.
- Answer sheet

You can print the mystery as many times as you'd like, or even email the PDF over to your students to print at home

- A links page with an access code which will take you to the virtual versions
(There's a virtual version with American terminology and a virtual version with English terminology). The puzzles are the same on both versions, but the virtual version requires students to enter the correct codes in order to progress through the mystery.

Again, the links and the access code can be shared with as many of your students as you'd like.

- Within the virtual version there are also small hints to help if you get stuck. I haven't included a walkthrough for any of the puzzles, as I think teachers will also enjoy working out the puzzles! (There is an answer sheet though, so you can always work backwards!)

[Note: The files do not come with the black pattern on - they're just on the preview pages]

Mystery at Fairfax Lodge

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