A free downloadable and printable game perfecet for playing in piano lessons during the Valentine season. 


- 3 empty flower bouquets
- 42 flowers with letters in the centres
- Valentine note recognition cards (both treble clef, bass clef, and piano notes) 


How to Play:
- Each player selects a bouquet and 5 flowers (these are chosen at random - they can be all the same colour or different colours)
- The youngest player goes first. They pick up the first note recognition card and identify the note. If they have a flower with the matching letter, they add it to their bouquet.
- The next player picks up a note recognition card, identifies it, and sees if they can add a flower to their bouquet. 
- The first person to fill their bouquet is the winner! (Alternatively, you could see who has the most flowers after a certain amount of time). 

If you want a quicker version of the game, you can play it without taking it in turns - when a note is read, whoever has a maching flower can add it to their bouquet. 

Note Bouquet

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