A fun downloadable and printable game perfect for playing in piano lessons to reinforce rhythmic concepts.



Rhythm Train (easier)

- 4 Train fronts (Two with 4/4 Time Signature, two with 3/4 Time Signature)
- 27 train carriages with a variety of rhythms: minims (half notes), crotchets (quarter notes), crotchet rests (quarter rests), quavers (eighth notes), semiquavers (sixteenth notes)
- 4 train ends (with double bar lines on them)
- 10 red carriages (with bar lines on them)


Rhythm Train (harder)
- 4 Train Fronts (two with 4/4 time signature, two with 3/4 time signature
- 12 carriages with bars of rhythm in 4/4
- 12 carriages with bars of rhythm in 3/4
- 4 Train ends

How to Play:
There are a few ways to play this game, and I'm sure you can come up with your own ways too!

- The student choose a train front, and then constructs a rhythm train, making sure each carriage they choose has a rhythm in the correct time signature.
The train can be as long as they'd like it to be! They then clap the rhythm train. They can then alter the order of the carriages and see how that alters the sound.

- The teacher creates a train, but sneaks in a couple of carriages in the wrong time signature. The student must then remove the incorrect carriages, and then clap the rhythm.

- The teacher creates two different trains, side by side. They then choose one to clap, and the student must tell them which rhythm train they are clapping.

Rhythm Trains

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