A fun downloadable and printable game perfect for using in piano lessons when you're wanting to reinforce rhythms. 

- 4 Train fronts (Two with 4/4 Time Signature, two with 3/4 Time Signature)
- 27 train carriages with a variety of rhythms: minims (half notes), crotchets (quarter notes), crotchet rests (quarter rests), quavers (eighth notes), semiquavers (sixteenth notes) 
- 4 train ends (with double bar lines on them) 
- 10 red carriages (with bar lines on them)


How to Play: 
There are many ways you can use Train Rhythms - you can follow these suggestions, or use them however you like!

- The student creates a train (however long they like!) by putting the rhythms in a random order. They then clap the rhythm. They can then change the order of the carriages to see how that changes the rhythm. 

- The teacher creates 4 different trains, side by side. They then choose a rhythm to clap, and the student works out which train has been clapped.
You could also take it a step further, and miss out one carriage while clapping a rhythm and get the student to tell you which train you clapped and which carriage you missed out!

Rhythm Trains (Easier)

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