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Spring Awakening by Catherine Wilson is energetic and optimistic with an exhilarating feel.  


The 4/4 time signature is mostly divided into a 3, 3, 2 pattern that is driven by the left hand and creates an air of excitement while the hand crossing increases the range of notes covered to add movement and to convey a sense of space and growth.


Instrument: Piano Solo


Approximate difficulty level: Grade 4 - 5 / Intermediate


Key: C major


Time signature: 4/4 - split into quavers / eighth notes 3, 3, 2


Features: Driving left hand ostinato-style patterns, hand crossing, chords in 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths


Focus: To work on finger strength and dexterity, coordination, chord placement

Spring Awakening

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