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Winter Foliage Collection contains three Winter themed piano solos at Grade 4 - 5 / Intermediate level:


Berries of Wintergreen is mystical, peaceful and has a wintry feel.  The lyrical right hand melody is interspersed with spread chords in different inversions that help to produce an ethereal quality, while the use of 4ths and 5ths in the left hand help create a soundscape that is reminiscent of ancient times.


Frozen Mistletoe is stoic, determined and has an optimistic feel.  The use of open fifths in the left hand helps evoke a sense of times gone by while the right hand melody uses a combination of ascending and descending motifs to create a sense of hardship mixed with optimism, ending with a Tierce de Picardie to suggest the eventual thawing of the mistletoe! 


Evergreen Shadows is atmospheric, hypnotic with a mysterious feel.  The right hand motif is repeated throughout the piece with additional notes added each repetition during the first half, as it builds to a climax, then gradually omitted  towards the end to wind back down, while the left hand uses hand crossing to envelop the notes of the melody, contrasted with a flowing ostinato-like riff to create a sense of movement.

Winter Foliage Collection

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