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Online Piano Lessons

Friendly and experienced online piano teachers

Online piano lessons with Greenside Music are taught by Catherine Wilson and Georgina Wilson, with Catherine teaching the older and more experienced students, and Georgina teaching the younger beginners.

Learn from the comfort of your own home

You can be absolutely anywhere in the UK (or further afield!) and have online piano lessons. 
We're physically based in Baschurch, near Shrewsbury, but our students are dotted all England, Wales, and Ireland! 
As long as your have a piano/keyboard and a device with an Internet connection, you're good to go!


Who are online piano lessons for?

Everyone! Whether you're a piano newbie or been playing for years, or aged 6 to 60+, online piano lessons are for you. Whatever your age or ability, you're welcome at Greenside Music!

Surely online isn't as good as face to face?

Your reservation is understandable! There's a common assumption that online lessons aren't going to be as engaging, productive, or successful as face to face lessons.

But we have found it to be the complete opposite: 

  • Younger student are less likely to be distracted by being in a different environment which leads to them being more focused on the task at hand 

  • Music games and activities are used to keep younger students engaged and having fun (many parents have commented how impressed they are at how immersed their children are in the lessons!)

  • Students feel more comfortable and ready to learn as they haven't had to travel anywhere, and they have their piano set up ready for lessons and practice sessions

  • Online allows for flexibility. We've had students move across the country, move to university, and travel to stay with family for a couple of months - all were happy they were able to continue with online piano lessons!


If you have questions about how online piano lessons work, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask!

How much are lessons?

Lessons are £15 for 30 minute lessons. Lessons are paid for in blocks determined by term time.s 

You also have several other options for online piano lessons:

Student Hub Picture (1).png

The Greenside Music Community

No two students are the same,

so no two lessons are the same! 

Students all want to achieve something different and have their own aspirations, motivations, and interests.

When we can, we try and tailor
our teaching to match each student, their way of thinking, and their personal goals. 

There are also different piano lesson options to suit your goals, interests, and budget (both monetary and time).

Music can enrich your life in many different ways and can benefit your mind, body, and soul.


No matter what a students' focus is, Greenside Music strives to make all lessons fun and informative in order to encourage our students to have a lifelong enjoyment of music.

Catherine & Georgina good ole faithful

Meet the Teachers

The piano teachers at Greenside Music are

Catherine Wilson and Georgina Wilson.

(And yes, we are sisters!)

Music has always been a big part of our lives, and we aim to share our passion and love for the piano (and music in general) with everyone!

Alongside teaching, Catherine and Georgina also create music resources for teachers, students, and pianists worldwide. 

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