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Student Story: Harriet

We asked Harriet why she enjoys learning the piano with Greenside Music. This is what she said:

“Learning a new skill can be daunting, but Greenside Music has made me realise that it’s okay to make mistakes and that it’s a part of learning.

I always feel so comfortable in my lessons.

I am currently doing my a levels, which gets stressful, but every week I can look forward to my lesson; doing something I love with the best teacher!

It’s so much more than just learning to play the piano - you have the freedom to be creative, work on exciting projects with other students and reach new milestones on your musical journeys!

My lessons have not only taught me how to play the piano, but they’ve also made me realise how much I love music.

I’ve been taught by Georgina since I was 5. She has literally watched me grow up - I’m so grateful to have a piano teacher and friend in one.”


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