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Do you love music?

Does the thought of making your own music fill you with excitement?

One of our online piano students once said:

"I still can't believe that my fingers are making this beautiful sound. The sounds I'm hearing only exist in the world because I'm putting them there. That's such a powerful feeling!"


Welcome to the world of 
online piano lessons

Map your own musical journey

You don't want to learn the exact same thing in the exact same way as everyone else...

... and we don't want to teach you like that! 

Some students strive to sit piano exams (we favour Trinity College of London Digital Exams) and other pianists play purely for the enjoyment of making music.


Students are given opportunities to take part in studio-wide projects - learn more about them here. 


Our online piano lessons are for everyone, no matter your age or ability: we teach kids (6+), teenagers, and adults. 


Our students range from complete beginners, intermediate players, to advanced pianists.

Have a nose at what our students get up to - click here to watch 2024's Movie Music Quiz

With guidance from supportive & encouraging online piano teachers

Catherine Wilson and Georgina Wilson (yes, we are sisters!) have 40+ years of combined experience. 

We've taught in-person piano lessons, piano lessons in schools, and online piano lessons. 

Out of all of them, we prefer online lessons because our students seem more relaxed (everything is better when you're surrounded by your home comforts!) and they love the independence of online learning.

Catherine specializes in teaching the more experienced and older students. She is a big believer in the health benefits of music, and has many students who use piano lessons for mindfulness. Catherine also composes piano solos for her students, and arranges well-loved songs and pieces. 

Georgina is a dab hand at creating engaging and enjoyable piano lessons for kids. Parents often marvel over how she can keep their wiggly children focused for the whole lesson! 

Georgina has a couple of secret weapons up her sleeve: music games, and Slothman.

From the comfort of your own home

Gone are the days of rushing to the car (hoping you have everything with you), driving 20 minutes, getting stuck in traffic, speeding to your piano teacher's house, arriving 4 minutes late, having a 26 minute lesson that's then cut short as you need to rush off to pick up James from karate. 

In-person piano lessons can be stressful


Now, you can simply walk over to your piano (where everything is set up), answer the call on your device, and start and end the lesson on time. 


(We don't even mind if you're in pyjamas with a cup of tea!)   

Online piano lessons are convenient and comfortable. 

We even have students take their lessons while staying at a relative's house or on holiday (yes - they took a keyboard on holiday with them!) 

Free Trial Session

We're aware that you might be hesitant about online piano lessons. 

While we can sing the benefits of online piano lessons 'til we're blue in the face, you probably want to see them yourself. 

That's why we offer a 10 minute free trial session where you can

  • Meet the piano teacher 

  • Understand how the online set up works

  • Ask any questions you may have 

When you're ready to start your musical adventure,

send us a message to chat about online piano lessons

Wondering how much lessons are? Click here.

You might be wondering...

"But do online piano lessons work?"

We know that when it comes to online piano lessons, people have their reservations. 

In-person piano lessons have been "the norm" ever since the 1800s.

But as times change, we change too.


We adapt to the needs and desires of our piano students, and we've found that (for us and our students) the benefits of online piano lessons outweigh the downfalls.

The benefits of online piano lessons:


By not needing to travel to and from a physical location, you can easily fit online piano lessons into your busy schedule. 

No mad dash out the door means you'll start your piano lesson calm and ready to learn (rather than catching your breath after the run down to the house!)

Piano parents often comment how they're grateful they can make be preparing dinner, or helping their other child with their homework, during their child's lesson. 

One parent once commented,


"It's a quiet 30 minutes that I can have to myself, knowing my daughter is happy and busy in the room next to me. I don't have to sit out in the cold waiting for her, I can sit in the lounge with my feet up, cup of coffee, listening to her lesson. It's a lovely time for me - oh, and her!" 

Comfortable Learning Environment 

Learning the piano in the comfort of your own home allows you to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for learning and practicing. 

You can set up your piano in a space you find most conducive to learning, allowing you to feel at ease and focused. 

Younger students often bring a 'piano pal' with them to sit on their piano, and older students have been known to light a scented candle to add to the atmosphere. 

The music that you've been working on remains on the piano all week, making it easier to sit down for a quick practice (no remembering to take the music out of your bag and find the right page!) 

Geographical Flexibility

rach online.jpg

Online piano lessons enable you to continue learning from wherever you are. 

Whether you're planning a long trip, temporarily staying somewhere else, or even moving house, as long as you have a keyboard and internet, you can carrying on learning! 

We've had a student have lessons while she's lived in Shropshire, Bristol, Cardiff, and now she's in London! Lessons have stayed the same - all that's changed is her location.

Increased confidence and independence

Learning the piano online can foster a sense of independence and confidence.

You're encouraged to be self-disciplined and self-motivated as you take more responsibility in organizing your music. 

Want to note something down on your music? That's your job. 

Writing in your piano practice notebook is down to you (of course, we'll help!) 

When you're ready to start your musical adventure,

send us a message to chat about online piano lessons

“I love my online piano lessons because they're enjoyable.

Greenside Music helps me expand my creativity when learning.

I love playing piano and learning some of my favourite songs, I like to challenge myself when learning to make the music sound more like me!

I've always loved playing instruments and listening to music and when I play the piano it makes me feel happy and heard.”

Jessica, 12-year-old online piano student

Are you ready to start your musical adventure?

Send us a message to chat about online piano lessons

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